Table Mountain National Park (northern section)

Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) was activated at 16h07 on Sunday the 1st of March 2020 when a caller requested assistance for a member of her hiking party. The group was hiking along a route at Hout Bay corner in the northern section of the Table Mountain National Park above the residential area of Llandudno. A 46 year old visitor from the United Kingdom had complained of tiredness and fatigue while making their way to the end of the trail.

Rescuers were dispatched, and after hiking up the trail to locate the patient, she was assisted accordingly. After responding positively to the treatment, she was deemed well enough to be walked out under the supervision of the Medical Rescue Technicians.

Once safely off the mountain, the visitor was taken to a medical facility via private transport for further attention.

We wish the lady a speedy recovery.

WSAR urges the public and tourists to please:-

  • carry at least two liters of water
  • have snacks such as energy bars, fruit and sandwiches for the necessary sustenance
  • choose shorter less strenuous routes on hot days
  • understand that dehydration, heat exhaustion and fatigue could lead to more serious medical complications

WSAR is a volunteer based organisation.

Call 021 937 0300 or 112 for any wilderness or mountain rescue response.

In association with the Western Cape Emergency Medical Services.


WSAR is a member of the International Commission of Alpine Rescue.



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