Preventive Search and Rescue

Wouldn’t it be great if someone precicely knew what you are up to on your hike, in case something goes pear-shaped and you need help? And wouldn’t it be great if the people that know where you are would be the people that would come rescue you in case you can’t get out yourself?

The tracking system is an initiative of Hikers Nework and most of the trackers are involved in mountain search & rescue. They volunteer their time to track as well as do the search and rescue. The tracking system started on twitter when Tim Lundy had EMS twitter handle follow him on all his hikes. He then introduced it to Hikers Network and they developed it together. Today @safetymountain tracks over 3500 people a year. The biggest benefit is you have a direct line to rescuers should something go wrong while out in the mountains and we can speed up the responds time to come rescue you.

We have a separate room just for the trackers to talk about what is going on and how to respond to any issues that may arise during tracking. We also have an emergency room that should you send out a SOS we then move you to that room so that you can have a one on one with an advanced tracker who will ‘hold your hand’ during the whole emergency process.

To track you we need:

  1. Sign up and register here: SafetyMountain Sign-up form
  2. We can track you via Whatsapp, SMS or Twitter (@safetymountain), but prefer Whatsapp, as it is widely available and cost effective.
  3. Your email and alternative telephone number for our data base should we fail to reach you on your cell no.
  4. If you are going on a overnight/multi day hike we need your itinerary and another cell number within that group.

How to be tracked:

Before you head out to a trip we need 4 bits of information in order to track you:

  1. Start time of your trip eg- 8:30am
  2. Number of people in the group, including the ‘trackee’ eg- 7 pax
  3. What is your planned route. This is very vital and if you make any changes anywhere along the route you should check-in with your tracker before you make this change otherwise we would be tracking you in the wrong area! eg- Start Theresa Ave, right onto pipe track, up Corridor Ravine, then into Tranquillity cracks, 12 Apostles path, down Kasteelspoort, return to Theresa Ave.
  4. Estimated time of arrival at end of the route. This is not as important as other information and is a estimation that you will work towards and keep a eye on time as you are on your route. If you feel that you are not going to meet this finish time then inform your tracker of a new estimated time of arrival. eg- ETA 1:30pm

Please always note that if there is any change at any of your route plans it is in your own interest to inform your tracker as soon as possible.

When you check-in all you have to type on whatsapp, SMS or twitter is the following (based on the example above):

830am/7pax/theresa ave-pipe track-tranq cracks-kasteels-home/ETA130pm

If you reach a intersection or a adjoining path that you are not sure of then you can checkin for advise. Remember the more detail you send your tracker the better chance the rescue team have of locating you faster!

PLEASE note: For multi day tracking the tracker will require a check in at least once a day (if possible with cell reception) so turn phone off and only turn on for a check in to conserve battery life. The tracker will also require a alternative contact in case of a emergency. Also send a itinerary of the trail start to finish so the tracker can revert to it in case of a emergency.

Our goal for tracking is to keep it plain and simple but informed!

If an emergency situation arises the tracker will insist that you call it in to  METRO control room on (021) 9370300 to activate the rescuers. They then manage the rescue and we assist.