On Thursday the 7th of July in the evening a 20 year old man was reported overdue. WSAR teams responded to Jonkershoek approx 20:00 and two field teams left for 1st and 2nd waterfall, to find a severely injured patient at second waterfall. It was decided to stabilise the patient and overnight there and to casevac at first light. Skymed came in the next morning but was unable to recover patient from its current position deep in the gorge.

The patient was then raised by a rope rescue system through the river over a cliff at the bottom of the waterfall to a better position so as to enable Skymed to extricate him. This was completed around 11:30. Skymed was then able to fly in, in very bad weather conditions and with much skill and bravery and hoist the patient to safety. All the rescuers who spent the night in the mountain with the patient then walked out.

The young man was hiking on his own when he slipped and fell 10-20m on Thursday around 14:00, braking his pelvis and arm. He spent the whole night awake with the rescue team in the gorge under the waterfall spray, but was in stable condition when extracted.

copyright photos: M. Young, N. Le Maitre, MJ Rebel