Grootkop Twelve Apostles Table Mountain

At 11h13 on Saturday the 14th of September 2019 the Peninsula Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) was activated after a caller reported that their party of three was lost/disorientated in good visibility near Grootkop above the Hout Bay valley.

All WSAR resources were placed on standby while a team of SANParks Visitor Safety Patrollers who were patrolling close by, were asked to lend assistance. By 12h00 shortly before SANParks reached the area, the caller notified the Metro Control Center that they had approached another hiking party who was passing their way, to guide them.

The response was then terminated after it was reliably communicated that the lost hikers were being led by the second group who proceeded to safely guide them off the mountain at Suikerbossie.

Kloof Corner Table Mountain

At 18h04 on Saturday the 14th of September 2019 the Peninsula Wilderness Search And Rescue was activated after a caller notified Metro Rescue Control of a 69 year old local male who had collapsed on the Contour Path at the Kloof Corner viewsite.

Metro Medical Rescue Technicians, Rescue Mountaineers and Logistical support crew responded to the start of the Kloof Corner hiking trail above Kloof Nek. A WSAR Rescue Climber who happened to be very close to the scene of the incident was able to lead the rescue from there after reaching the patient minutes after the initial alert was made.

Once the patient received medical treatment, a safety harness was attached to him, and he was deemed well enough to be walked with assistance, down the path to Tafelberg road. Here he was placed in an ambulance which transported him to a medical facility for further treatment. It is understood that this emergency was as a result of a pre existing medical condition of the patient. WSAR wishes the gentleman a speedy recovery.

WSAR would also like to thank members of the Hikers Network Hiking Club for their aid with the operation.

WSAR urges the public to please:-

  • use a Slingsby map when exploring the mountains
  • remember that not all areas in the Western Cape wilderness receive cellphone coverage
  • inform your hike leaders about any medical condition that you may have, prior to commencing your activity

WSAR is a volunteer based organisation.

Call 021 937 0300 or 112 for any wilderness or mountain rescue response.

In association with the Western Cape Emergency Medical Services.


WSAR is a member of the International Commission of Alpine Rescue.



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