Table Mountain

At 15h31 on Thursday the 20th of June 2019 the Peninsula Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) was activated after a caller reported that a person had taken a fall below the Upper Cable Station (UCS).

Metro Medical Rescue Technicians responded to the Lower Cable Station (LCS) where they boarded a Cable Car to the top of the mountain. All other WSAR teams were placed on standby while a proper assessment was being made. On arrival the rescuers found the patient who had fallen over the edge close to the UCS. The 23 year old male was examined and found to have suffered an ankle injury. The assistance of the Western Cape Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) was requested, however, when they arrived at Table Mountain it was discovered that the extreme wind did not allow for the safe operation of the machine. The HEMS crew then stood down and returned to their base.

By this time Rescue Climbers and Logistical support crew were dispatched to the LCS in order to extract the patient. After rope systems were set up, he was packaged into a stretcher and then raised approximately 20 meters up the face of the cliff. From here the rescuers carried the patient to the UCS from where they were transported down the mountain to the LCS at Tafelberg road using the Cable Car. The patient was then handed to a waiting ambulance crew who delivered him to a medical facility for further treatment.

It is suspected that the hiker breached the safety railing/barrier near the Upper Cable Station.

We wish the gentleman a speedy recovery.

  • The Air Mercy Service (AMS) is contracted to the Western Cape Department of Health to provide the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).
  • Cape Town and WSAR is fortunate to have the support of the Table Mountain Arial Cableway Company (TMAC)

WSAR urges the public to please:-

  • be mindful of the safety risks involved with more advanced mountain activities
  • consider joining clubs such as the Mountain Club of South Africa who are experienced in the mountaineering and climbing activities
  • obey all signs especially those which display safety warnings

WSAR is a volunteer based organisation.

Call 021 937 0300 or 112 for any wilderness or mountain rescue response.

In association with the Western Cape Emergency Medical Services.


WSAR is a member of the International Commission of Alpine Rescue.



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