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Something has gone terribly wrong. Normal ways of doing things are not working. The fastest way to turn an emergency into a full disaster is to lose communications. Radio Amateurs understand emergencies. For over 70 years they have provided emergency communications for organisations. When normal ways of communication fail or get overloaded Radio Amateurs will be there. HAMNET, the National Emergency Communications division of the South African Radio League (SARL), provides communications for emergencies and can mobilise experienced communicators who with their own radio equipment will back up official channels or take over when all else fails.

Search and Rescue

Hamnet is a signatory organisation to WSAR.  Consequently Hamnet members are involved in providing communications and other logistical support to WSAR operations.  Typical duties include manning communications points at the base or JOC, from vehicles or on foot, establishing and controlling aircraft landing zones, and assisting with off road transport of rescuers.

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Hamnet is the emergency communications division of the South African Radio League, the representative body for Amateur Radio in South Africa.  See for contact information.

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