Project Description

Our group in general

Delta Search & Rescue is an independent organisation operating under the auspices of an incorporated company not for gain (Section 21). While primarily offering LOGISTIC SUPPORT for SEARCH & RESCUE operations, we are a multi skilled organisation with members trained to provide Off-Road Transport, Communications and Field Operative skills for any Emergency or Disaster situation. We provide a professional service to facilitate the smooth and efficient running of an operation for the Ultimate Benefit of the Casualty.

Logistics / Transport

We are able to transport relief and emergency supplies; evacuate casualties to ambulance or helicopter loading points; and assist with any number of logistical tasks. These tasks are carried out in a controlled and co-ordinated manner under the direction of the Incident Commander or a WSAR senior member.


With our communication skills and equipment, we are able to assist in providing an enhanced message handling facility, thereby allowing more informed and accurate decisions to be made by the Incident Commander or planning team. This enables tighter control to be maintained over resources in the field. We are also able to assist with the relaying of radio communications in geographically difficult areas and between different organisations on land, sea and air.

Membership and Training

Anyone who has an interest in our activities is welcome to apply. Membership is divided into four grades: Member, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Promotion to a higher grade requires the attainment of specific objectives including the passing of written tests.

Members receive training in off-road driving techniques, logistics, radio communications, rope rescue, map and compass, in addition to allied subjects such as call out and operating procedures, incident management, helidrill and search base operations. This enables the members in the unit to work effectively as a team as well as integrate with other organisations.

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