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Project Description

We are the largest commercial helicopter services company in the world. Our fleet includes some of the most technologically advanced aircraft anywhere. Our presence in dozens of locations gives us the ability to respond quickly, efficiently and safely to customer needs. We have decades of experience preparing and flying aircraft over water and land, in an exceptional range of meteorological and other operating conditions. Our global team is providing offshore transportation to the oil-and-gas industry, flying search-and-rescue and emergency medical missions, and delivering maintenance/repair/overhaul and support services. Our capabilities are based on unique knowledge and accomplishment amassed from traveling out to and back from the world’s most remote and challenging destinations.

We operate one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated network of SAR services. Our experience is extensive. Our expertise and capability are proven with our crews routinely demonstrating skill, courage and dedication in undertaking missions in the most testing conditions. Helicopter emergency medical services (EMS) are vital cogs in critical-care emergencies where the life of a major trauma victim may be at stake. Our flight crews, doctors and paramedics are trained to the highest standards to provide medical support up to intensive-care level. They rely on modern aircraft equipped with the latest medical support equipment.