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Our group in general

Cape Province Mountain Club was established on 16 December 1931 by Carl Fisher, C “Binder” Petersen, Bill Steyn and Cecil Townsend. Some of these members have features of Table Mountain named after them, e.g. Binders Rest, Townsend Cave, Other members who made-up the first executive members were Carl Fisher (Climbing Leader), Mr C Petersen (Chairman), Mrs K Petersen, Henry Flowers and J Kannemeyer. Binder’s Rest, near the start of the Kasteel’s Poort path is named after Mr Petersen who was a book-binder by trade while Townsend cave is named after Cecil Townsend who for some part of his life lived as a hermit on the back table of Table Mountain. Their main reason for forming the club was firstly their love for the outdoors, having work for the council and being vibrantly involved in mountain rescue activities. The club was also heavily involved in search and rescue efforts in the 1950′s.

Search and Rescue


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